Experimenting is a huge part of my creative process. Learning about new ideas, materials and techniques and playing with them is very important for me. Whether or not they lead to a final product the process is intellectually stimulating and always provides inspiration for the next work .


I am currently taking a class on experimental electronic music and sound art at Brown University. We are learning Max/MSP,a visual programming language  to create generative sound systems. 

Code 1#

An Audio patch that utilizes 1 randomness object.

Code 2#

An audio patch with only 1 signal that continuously shifts over time.


I am trying to teach myself  Cinema 4D and this is the first motion graphic I have made.


More to come!


3D Printed Joinery

Exploration of 3D printing for alternative joinery. 


Plaster Joinery

Inspired by Elise Gabriel's series of furniture (on the right), I experimented with plaster cloth to create joints. The joints were strong and had a bone like look.


This is a cookbook of Turkish-Korean fusion dishes we designed with my friend Olivia Park. Both food enthusiasts and culturally curious we mixed and matched Korean and Turkish dishes, ingredients and cooking techniques. Results were delicious...