slime mold doily

Slime Mold Doily is an exploration of slime molds as an alternative for textiles.

With their ability to create nutritional networks, slime molds would weave the necessary textile coverage without any environmental and social side effects of industrial production. 



The textiles industry has one of the most challenging environmental and social sustainability problems. Farming of the fiber sources and various chemical treatments during production consume unprecedented amounts of energy and resources. This wasteful use of resources and worker exploitation in production calls for alternative sources and methods of textile production.

Inspired by Suzanne Lee’s kombucha based fabric I wanted to explore the concept of growing your own textiles and upon my research I discovered slime molds.

Slime Molds are eukaryotic cells that can live alone or as multicellular organisms. They feed on microorganisms that live in any type of dead plant material thus contribute to the decomposition of dead vegetation. They also have an advanced ability to form the most efficient networks. When there is lack of food they congregate into a multicellular organism around the food source and create a network to channel nutrients other cells.